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Welcome to Holidays and Kids, your one-stop source for finding fun things to do with your family – from long trips abroad to weekends at home.

My name is Illana Dillon, and my husband Carl and I are seasoned family travellers who love to find new experiences to share with our kids. We enjoy travelling both in our home country – South Africa – and overseas and we love that we are able to share these experiences with our children. We want our kids to grow up with fond memories of the experiences we shared together as a family, from holidays away to pizza at the family restaurant down the road.

As a team, Carl and I have accumulated a wealth of publishing experience having been in the industry for more than twenty years collectively. We have worked on and managed magazines for companies such as RCI, American Express and Southern Sun Hotels. Following the success of this, I founded the award winning Explore South Africa magazine and together we launched a group of travel titles. I have also done a series of talks on South African national radio station SAfm, giving advice and tips for travelling with kids.

We have since left the company to start our own venture…and this is it. Our beautiful country has so much to offer families and is truly catching up with the rest of the world in promoting its establishments as family-friendly. We are grateful that we could make a valuable contribution to the family travel industry in South Africa, and for what we have accomplished so far. We will continue to share our knowledge with parents looking for family-friendly holiday options.

We are looking forward to sharing our new journey with you. Through this website, we will offer you a host of tools to prevent your kids from ever uttering those dreaded words “I am bored” or “Are we there yet?” again.

Holidays and Kids is designed to become your one-stop shop for family entertainment and travel. We aim to make it a source of interesting and useful information on world-wide holiday destinations and leisure activities for you and your kids. In due time we will also be offering you a source of easily accessible and downloadable tools and products to help you enjoy your family travel and leisure time just a little bit more.

We are thrilled with the opportunity to provide you as a parent with these fun travel, holiday and leisure tools which your children will enjoy whenever or wherever they go.

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